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Troy Hatcher and the Scarbelly Gang

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Famed frontier traveler, Dr. Lucius Demond, here relates a collection of tales about Troy Hatcher, infamous outlaw of the West, and his vicious crew of bloodthirsty desperadoes known as the Scarbelly Gang. These daring outlaws cut a swath of blood-soaked destruction through the heart of the Republican frontier until the relentless march of civilization forced Hatcher to ride out of the pages of history and into the realm of legend.

Pit your wits and iron against Troy Hatcher and his degenerate band of lawless shitbags. The Troy Hatcher and the Scarbelly Gang campaign unfolds across 20 individual games packed with 8 unique Bad Guys and more than 40 new item cards! 

The Campaign Set comes with:

-9 unique miniatures for Troy Hatcher, two Henchmen, and six different Toadies

-40 hand-branded wooden tokens

-72 cards with shitloads of cool new items

-A 100 page Campaign Book/Dime Novel

-Minis come unpainted, duh, and there's like small parts and shit, so not for kids under 14. But, fuck, dude, do you really want a 14 year old kid playing with this shit?

-Also lead-free pewter, because Benson has lil' chirrens.

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