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Belle Knops Campaign

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Belle Knops or Sordid Tales of the Ninepenny Hotel is an expansion Campaign for Exiles, a fast, frenetic, buzzword-filled game of raunchy Wild West adventure. This multi-player cooperative campaign unfolds across 7 individual games, packed with 10 unique Bad Guys and more than 20 new item cards!

Mike Hunt, esq throws decorum to the wind to relate to the readers a deep, penetrating tale that is sure to scratch a certain itch. Learn about Belle Knops, and her wet-behind-the-ears employee who dreamed of love and a touching relationship that left her paramour a much harder man than he’d ever been before.

The explosive climax is sure to leave the reader drenched in sweat and fully satisfied. Richard Lawson & Co. guarantees satisfactory release from the stresses of your day. Readers are warned to enjoy this sordid tale in utmost privacy, for perusing it in the public sphere could deliver such a blow to one’s reputation that his standing as a man of distinction would be completely exhausted.

This expansion Campaign makes use of materials contained in the Troy Hatcher or Legends of the Scarbelly Gang Campaign Set.

The Campaign Set comes with:

-1 Unique Belle Knops miniature

-30 hand-branded wooden tokens

-42 cards with shitloads of cool new items and a bunch of new bad guys

-A 50 page Campaign Book/Dime Novel

-Minis come unpainted, duh, and there's like small parts and shit, so not for kids under 14. But, fuck, dude, do you really want a 14 year old kid playing with this shit?

-Also lead-free pewter, because Benson has lil' chirrens.

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