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Exiles Starter Set

$ 100.00

Exactly the shit you need for you and your buddies to get started with Exiles. The Starter Set comes with:

-The complete Troy Hatcher and the Scarbelly Gang Campaign Set

-4 half-Persona Packs with 18 cards, 10 tokens, 1 metal mini, 1 prefilled character sheet and 1 blank character sheet each for the Doctor, Gentleman, Gunslinger and Rowdy personas (totaling 72 cards, 40 tokens, 4 minis, and 8 character sheets)

-10 dice

-Both the Exiles Rulebooks

-Some extra tokens and bullshit

-Minis come unpainted, duh, and there's like small parts and shit, so not for kids under 14. But, fuck, dude, do you really want a 14 year old kid playing with this shit?

-Also lead-free pewter, because Benson has lil' chirrens.

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