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All the Stuff!!

$ 200.00

All the Stuff!

You get all six Regular Persona Packs (Bandit, Doctor, Gentleman, Gunslinger, Rowdy, and Trapper).

And the Troy Hatcher and the Scarbelly Gang Campaign Set. 

And both Exiles rulebooks.

And 10 dice in a bitchin' hand-sewn sack.

And some extra tokens and bullshit!

This shit's normally $220, but we'll knock off $20 because $200 is a much cooler price.

GUESS WHAT? We didn't make enough Campaign Sets, so until we make more we'll be cannibalizing our Starter Sets to fill these orders. Why the fuck should you care about that? Because we're WAY too lazy to sort out the extra 40 tokens that come in the Starter Set, that's why!

NO GUARANTEES! This 'offer' only applies until we get off our asses and make more Campaign Sets. Act now while we're still feeling like lazy assholes!

-Minis come unpainted, duh, and there's like small parts and shit, so not for kids under 14. But, fuck, dude, do you really want a 14 year old kid playing with this shit?

-Also lead-free pewter, because Benson has lil' chirrens.

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