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Ticking Around Mini Campaign

$ 15.00

Ticking Around is the super-special campaign we ran at Gen Con 2016. The campaign booklet and all of its cards are available for free download HERE, but you can buy a copy from us if you're feeling lazy.

Because this was one of our special Gen Con campaigns, printed copies of the unique item cards were made exclusively available to folks who actually played the campaign at Gen Con 2016. This product only comes with the campaign's Dime Novel, and printed copies of all the Bad Guys cards. 

If you want exclusive shit, you better get your ass to Gen Con!

Here's the fluffy product description bullshit:

Tall tales abound on our western frontier, as thick as the roaming buffalo herds and the proud Natives who hunt them. Mr. Easton has heard many such tales in his extensive travels, some of which describe horrors too gruesome for public consumption! It is up to our readers to decide the truth of these fantastic tales. Some Mr. Easton relates as described to him, but others he knows from firsthand experience!

Strange incidents abound at a modest frontier ranch. The cattle have been stricken with a perplexing malady, the horrifying truth of which is soon discovered by a few daring frontiersman, with deadly consequences!

Ticking Around or Tall Tales of Frontier Monsters is a mini campaign for Exiles, a fast, frenetic, buzzword-filled game of raunchy Wild West adventure. It has, like, 7 games, some fun fluff, and a new faction of monstery Bad guys.


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