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Marple Syrup Mini Campaign

$ 15.00

Marple Syrup is a super fun campaign we created just for the fuck of it. The campaign booklet and all of its cards are available for free download HERE, but you can buy a copy from us if you're feeling lazy.

There's, like, 7 games, plenty of cool fluff, some new Outlaw Bad Guys, and an entirely new Bad Guy faction. How cool is that!

You get the printed Dime Novel, the Boss's Character Sheet, and an 18 card deck with all the new shit. You'll need some other BULLSHIT to play this, of course, but you probably already have it.

Here's the fluffy product description bullshit:

Mr. Chesterfield here relates one of the strangest tales collected in his extensive travels on our western frontier. Within these pages you will find a dashing adventure of intrigue, mistaken identities, wilderness exploration, and a rousing finale in which the heroes of our tale defeat insurmountable odds with only their pluck and ingenuity to aid them.

Do not spare the young ones, for Mr. Chesterfield’s narration contains no scenes of bawdy houses or other salacious content the likes of which one might find in rags like the Amblinton Star!

Marple Syrup, or The Man With One  Red Boot is a mini-campaign for Exiles, a fast, frenetic, buzzword-filled game of raunchy Wild West adventure. This multi-player, cooperative campaign unfolds across 7 individual games, packed with 5 new Bad Guys, and entirely new Bad Guy faction, and 10 new item cards.

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