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Gunslinger Persona Pack

$ 30.00

When you need a lot of holes put into a lot of dudes from a distance, Gunslingers are the fellers you need. Tough sumbitches with quick trigger fingers, Gunslingers aren't guys you wanna fuck with. 

You get 2 metal minis, 36 cards and 20 hand-branded tokens, plus 4 premium cardstock character sheets. Two have stats for the pre-made Characters and the rest are blank so you can make up your own fucking dude!

-Minis come unpainted, duh, and there's like small parts and shit, so not for kids under 14. But, fuck, dude, do you really want a 14 year old kid playing with this shit?

-Also lead-free pewter, because Benson has lil' chirrens.

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